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ask_us's Journal

Have a Question??
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All Members , Moderated
Do you have a question about anything? Do you need advice?

The Rules

1. Post your question. It can be serious or funny. It doesn't matter.

2. Everyone else will reply with some advice or a statement for you.

3. Don't be stupid. Some people have different opinions, respect that. Some people might not agree, if you can't handle that ... please, don't post.

4. Bashing will not be tolerated. I don't care if you agree with something or not. You can debate if you need so, but there will be no bashing or racism.

5. If you can't handle these rules, then don't join. Anyone who does not obey will be banned.

6. No advertising. It annoys me and everyone else.

Just have fun. You can get some really good advice that you could use. Any question is accepted. :)

If you have any further questions you can email us at the email above. The maintainers are: pikuangel and angelpez.